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5 and Go!

Your daily dose of connection

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5 and Go!

Your daily dose of connection

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New challenges every day to boost your mood and bring joy to your friends and community

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Why 5 and Go ?

We are experiencing a crisis of loneliness and disconnection in the United States and around the world, and young people are some of the hardest hit.

The great news is that by having more positive in-person interactions, we can boost our mental health, our physical health, and strengthen our communities and society…


It’s brought me closer to my friends …and it’s made me feel mentally a lot lighter, happier, clearer.

Ailise, 27, NY

It made me so happy to know there’s still kindness in the world…it makes me feel like I have purpose in the community.

Tara, 23, FL

If I am having a bad day, doing a challenge will make me feel better…Doing these challenges everyday has made my life more positive.

Antwon, 22, NY

It has made my life so much more bright and fun!

Vikki, 22, NY


What is 5 and Go! and how does it work?

5 and Go! gets you out in the real world, interacting with real people through short, fun, playful challenges that will brighten your day and uplift your friends and community.

Does my playing really help other people?

Yes. When you interact with others, they also get the benefits of social interaction, so you’ll be giving their mental and physical health a boost too. Many of our challenges are also designed specifically to enable you to bring joy to the people you interact with, whether they are close friends or complete strangers. It feels awesome to make others happy.

Who will I play with?

You can play the Daily challenges solo or play any partner challenge with a friend.

What kind of challenges will I play? Can I design challenges for my friends?

Daily challenges are played solo and involve short, fun interactions with your friends or community.

Partner challenges are played with friends and can get more creative and silly: build things, find hidden objects and spaces, invent new dance moves, lead a social experiment.

Location challenges are played with friends and are tied to specific locations and landmarks (e.g. a museum) and can only be played when you are physically at that location.

You can also design your own partner challenges to play with friends. From the More menu, select “Challenges,” then “Designed by You,” then “Design New Challenge.”

What are Location Challenges?

Location Challenges are partner challenges that can only be played at a particular location, like a specific museum or park. You can view the list of locations by pressing play and then swiping right to Location Challenges and tapping the pin icon. If there’s a location near you that you want us to add, please let us know!

Additional Questions?

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