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Groups and Location Challenges


Groups are like a private version of 5 and Go! You can start your own or accept an invitation to join an existing group. Each group chooses which challenges to play, can view all the group’s creations in one place, and gets its own private group chat. Groups can be small for a few friends or large for a student group, a gym, a workplace, a neighborhood, or anywhere else fun interactions are to be had.

You can invite other players individually, or create a group invitation link or QR code that you can share widely.

For details on how to create and manage groups, check out our Groups Tutorial video.

Location Challenges

Location Challenges are challenges that can only be played at a particular location, like a specific museum or park. You can view the list of locations by pressing play and then swiping right to Location Challenges and tapping the pin icon. If there’s a location near you that you want us to add, please let us know!

For more detail, check out our Location Challenges video.